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The Man - Ron Estevan

Ronaldo Estevan
Owner, EstevanV8 Trikes, LLC

"I have trained all my life for this."

Making The V8 Trike an attainable goal whether you choose to do it a stage at a time or turn the key. You can make it your own. I manufacture from the simplest pieces to the largest. The frame has a lot of room for different combinations.

In early 2000 I bought a bent tacked frame, as for equipment I had a 4” grinder, a chop saw, and a box store welder. And so began the path to create my first trike. Always wanting something unique and different. I placed a 351 Ford Cleveland Engine, since it was part motorcycle and part Ford I called it a Fordcycle.

Understand that what you create will be an extension of yourself and as such make it as safe as possible, ultimately you or someone you care about are going to be on this.
It will take a working knowledge or willingness to gather a combination of metal craft measuring, cutting, grinding and welding, also to include motorcycle and automotive principles.